Vieka User Agreement

Welcome to use Vieka!

Vieka (hereinafter referred to as “this product”) is a video editor product developed. (hereinafter referred to as “Vieka”). The “Vieka User Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) is an agreement between you and Vieka regarding your registration, registration, use (hereinafter collectively referred to as “use”) of this product and related services.
In order to better provide you with products and services, please be sure to read and fully understand this agreement before starting to use this product. In particular, please refer to the terms and conditions of the exemption or limitation of liability, the terms of the right licensing and information use, and the agreement to open the product. And the use of special individual service terms, applicable laws, and dispute resolution provisions. Among them, important contents such as exemption or limitation of liability clause will be highlighted in bold form, which you should focus on reading. This agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and Vieka regarding this product and your use of this product. Do not use this product unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with this agreement, we will not be able to provide normal service for you. Once you use this product, you are deemed to have read and agree to be bound by this agreement and other agreements and rules related to this agreement (including but not limited to " Vieka Privacy Policy").
This product is not intended for minors under the age of 16 (or the minimum age set by the domestic law of EU member states). The persons claiming to accept the terms of this agreement are invalid. If you are a minor who meets the above conditions, you should read the terms of this agreement and use the product with your guardian and use this product with your guardian’s consent.
About Vieka
Vieka is a powered video maker and editor launched by, which provides high-quality editing processes and templates with great effects, transitions, and music. In addition, Vieka also provides a complete set of solutions to ensure security and privacy, and provide users with a safe and secure gaming environment.
Vieka mainly includes the following features:
SUPERB VISUAL EFFECT: You can find diverse templates with unique effects on Vieka. Easy to make a video with Vieka’s templates, simply tap and upload your photos or videos!
TRANSITION BEATS: Each Vieka transition beats follows the exact music rhythm. It will feel like your photos move with your heartbeat.
SELECT: from a vast variety of options, we allow users to try new categories as soon as we release them, they can try and apply according to their preferences.
TEMPLATES: by building the guide option, we have made making video templates. Users can simply use the template and move to make incredible videos.
EDIT & SHARE: after all the above, we let our users edit those videos with a strong and intelligent editing tool to finally have a polished version of the video. Most age groups can edit the video without any help and then simply share it with the rest of the world.
IN-APP PURCHASES: Vieka Pro Subscription is a Service provided by Vieka application in obtaining access to all paid and free content on the shopping page of Vieka Application; as well as removing video watermark and advertisement altogether at different time duration recurring fee chargeable to users who decided to make use of the service.

1. Third-party products and services
1.1. In using this product, you may be exposed to the products or services provided by third parties in the following ways:
Third-Party Embeds, Downloads, & Social Media
For any website, as content editors and developers, we end up wanting to link our websites to third-party services. Now that social media is such an important way for people to stay connected to your institution, having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other number of social embeds on your website is often seen as a significant way to keep people engaged. However, the accessibility of many of these embeds is not a given. Do your research and test out embeds with screen readers and keyboard-only navigating. Ultimately, you can only ensure that the content on your own website is accessible, so be careful using third-party embeds. Embed links: Some functions in the product need to provide services for users by embedding service links provided by third parties, including using third-party account login functions.
Transfer and Processing Data
By accessing or using our Services, you acknowledge and, as applicable, consent to the processing, transfer, and storage of information about you in and to the United States and other countries.
1.2. You understand and understand that third parties operating such services may require you to provide personal data. Vieka will provide you with these agreements and rules in an eye-catching manner when you plan to use the aforementioned one-way services for your review and consent. Once you start using the above services, you are deemed to understand and accept the relevant agreements and rules regarding individual services. Vieka reminds you that you must carefully read these third-party user agreements, privacy policies, and other related documents, provide personal data according to your needs, and properly protect your personal data. If you have any dispute arising from your use of a third-party product or service, or if you suffer any loss, you must solve it by yourself and the third party. Vieka shall not be liable for any such disputes or losses.

2. Software License and Use
2.1. The permissible range of this product
Vieka grants you a worldwide non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive non-commercial license to use this product (“License”). The sole purpose of the license granted is to enable you to use this product in the manner permitted by this agreement. You agree to use this product solely for the personal and non-commercial purposes permitted by this Agreement and any applicable laws, regulations, or generally accepted practices, guidelines in the relevant jurisdiction.
All other rights not authorized by this agreement are still reserved by Vieka. You should obtain our written permission before using these rights. If Vieka does not exercise any of the aforementioned rights, it does not constitute a waiver of that right.
2.2. Obtaining, installing, updating, and uninstalling this product
You can obtain this product on the official website of Vieka, or obtain this product through pre-installation and download from authorized third parties of Vieka. If you obtain this product or an installer with the same name as this product from a third party that is not authorized by Vieka, Vieka cannot guarantee the normal use of the product. Therefore, the loss you suffer is not related to the Vieka.
We have developed different application software versions for different terminal devices. You need to obtain, download and install the appropriate version based on the actual device status.
In order to better improve the user experience and services, we will provide an updated version of this product from time to time (including but not limited to software upgrades, replacements, new feature development, etc.). You can update the corresponding version as needed. After some or all of this product is updated, we will prompt you in an appropriate manner (including but not limited to system prompts, announcements, post letters, etc.), you have the right to choose to accept the updated version; if you choose not to update, this product Some of the features may be limited or not function properly.
If you no longer use this product, you can uninstall the application software of this product yourself. Considering that we are not unilaterally aware of your uninstallation, your personal data may continue to be stored on our servers after you uninstall the software. If you want us to no longer retain your personal data after you uninstall this product, we suggest that you ask us to delete your personal data before uninstalling this product. We will respond to your request in accordance with the procedures disclosed in the Vieka Privacy Policy.

3. User’s notes
3.1. Authenticity of User Personal Information
You can use some functions of this product without registering the Vieka account. If you want to fully experience the various functions of this product, you need to register your account. You confirm and guarantee that all information (including but not limited to third-party account number, mobile phone number, contact address, email address, etc.) submitted at the time of registration is true, accurate, legal, complete, and valid and is your own information. If you change your registration data after registering an account, you should update the registration information in a timely manner.
If the information you submit is inaccurate, untrue, illegal, or if Vieka has reasonable grounds for suspecting false, false, or illegal information, then Vieka has the right to refuse to provide you with related functions. You may not be able to use this information. The product or part of its function is limited during use.
3.2. User Account and Password Usage Specifications
Your account number is limited to your own use. Without the written consent of Vieka, you are prohibited from giving, borrowing, renting, transferring, selling, or otherwise permitting others to use the account in any form. If Vieka finds or has reasonable grounds to believe that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, Vieka has the right to suspend or terminate the service to the registered account and cancel the account without notifying you.
You should attach great importance to the confidentiality of your account and password, and do not disclose your account number and password under any circumstances. You must assume full legal responsibility for the activities undertaken on behalf of your account, including but not limited to any legal liability for any data modification, expression, payment, etc. that you make on the product. If you discover that someone else has used your account without permission, please immediately inform Vieka.
When you lose your account or forget your password, you can follow the appeal method of Vieka to get your account number or password promptly. You understand and agree that the password recovery mechanism of the Vieka only needs to identify that the information filled on the appeal form is consistent with the system record data, and cannot identify whether the claimant is a real account user. Vieka reminds you that you should keep your account number and password properly. When you are done using it, you should exit safely. If your account or password is stolen or lost due to your own reasons such as improper storage or other irresistible factors, you will bear the consequences.
3.3. Specifications of the product
You shall be responsible for your use of this product and use the product within the scope of this agreement. You may not use this product to perform the following activities:
Copying, changing, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, disassembling, attempting to export its source code, decoding, and other analysis or copying of the product’s source code, ideas, etc.;
Use any plug-in, plug-in, system, or third-party tool that is not authorized or licensed by Sky Games to interfere with, disrupt, modify, or exert other influences on the normal operation of this product;
Use or make any product-based computer network security activities, including but not limited to: use of unlicensed data or access to unauthorized servers/accounts; unauthorized access to public computer networks or other people’s computer systems and deletion, modify, and increase the storage of information; without permission, attempts to detect, scan, test the weaknesses of the system or network of the product or other activities that undermine the security of the network; attempt to interfere in or disrupt the normal operation of the system or network of the product, and intentionally spread the malicious program Or viruses and other damage to the interference of normal network information services; fake TCP/IP packet names or partial names;
Use of this product to infringe other people’s intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, reputation rights, and other legal rights or interests;
Engaging in other violations of policies and regulations, public order and good practices, and infringement of the lawful rights and interests of other individuals, companies, social groups, and organizations.
3.4. Liability for breach of contract
In the event of your breach of this agreement or other terms of service, Vieka has the right to independently determine and terminate the provision of services to you without prior notice. For activities suspected of violating laws and regulations and suspected of committing illegal crimes, Vieka will keep relevant records, report to relevant competent authorities in accordance with the law, cooperate with relevant competent authorities to investigate and have the right to pursue your relevant legal responsibilities.
If you violate the provisions of this Agreement or other agreement terms and cause third-party complaints or lawsuit claims, you should handle and assume all legal liabilities that may arise. If Vieka and its affiliates compensate any third party or are punished by any supervisory authority due to your illegal or breach of contract, Vieka shall have the right to claim full compensation for your losses.
6.User privacy protection
Vieka respects and is committed to protecting your personal privacy. You can read our " Vieka Privacy Policy" to understand how we handle your personal data and the ways you can access and control your personal data.

4.Declaration of rights
4.1. Vieka enjoys corresponding legal rights to the information contained in this product protected by intellectual property or other laws and regulations, including but not limited to ownership, intellectual property (regardless of whether such rights have been registered/registered, and Anywhere in the world) and other related interests. No one may use (including, but not limited to, monitor, copy, transmit, display, mirror, upload, download, display, mirror, upload, download, or use) any robots, spiders, etc., copy or use for any other purpose without the written permission of Vieka.
4.2. Vieka provides technical support for product development and operation and enjoys all rights within the scope permitted by laws and regulations for all data and information generated during the development and operation of this product.
4.3. You shall not use this product in any way to cause any damage to the proprietary rights of Sky Yan Games and/or its licensors if it is not caused by the owner or authorized user of any person’s trademarks, names, and logos. The use of such trademarks, names or logos, etc. in a confused manner.

5.Force Majeure and Limitation of Liability
5.1. Vieka does not guarantee the truth, accuracy, and completeness of any information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “third-party information”) that you obtain from all third-party content or advertisements in this product. If any unit or individual conducts any of the above actions through the “Third Party Information”, you must identify the authenticity and caution to prevent the risk.
5.2. Vieka will use reasonable commercial and technical efforts to ensure the normal operation of the various functions of this product, and reasonably and cautiously take necessary measures to safeguard your information and data security, but we cannot provide complete assurance on this. You understand and agree that we do not need to be liable for damages (including but not limited to loss of property, income, data, etc.) in the following circumstances:
The product cannot be operated normally due to force majeure such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, blackout, war, and terrorist attack;
A service interruption or delay of this product caused by computer viruses, Trojan horses, other malicious programs, hacker attacks, technical adjustments or failures of the telecommunications department and network operating companies, and system maintenance;
The interruption, termination, or delay of the service of this product due to changes in laws and regulations, orders or rulings of the judicial authorities and administrative agencies;
You have used the product illegally or because of improper operation.

6.Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
6.1. The place of the agreement for this agreement is Beijing, the People’s Republic of China.
6.2. The establishment, entry into force, interpretation, performance, dispute resolution, or other matters of this agreement shall apply to the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and shall not apply to its conflict of laws rules.
9.3. Any dispute arising from this agreement or related to this contract is brought to Beijing International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with its arbitration rules. The arbitral award is final and binding on both parties. The arbitration site in Beijing.

7. Other terms
7.1. " Vieka Privacy Policy" is an integral part of this agreement. Vieka has the right to modify this agreement and/or the terms of the relevant agreement when necessary. When Vieka changes the terms of this agreement, it will notify you of changes or additions by e-mail, or in this product, and urges you to agree or reject the revised terms of this agreement, and you can also check to see the latest version of the terms of the agreement.
7.2. After the terms of this Agreement are changed, if you continue to use the Services, you are deemed to have accepted the amended agreement. If you do not agree to change or add content, you have the right to terminate this agreement and stop using the product.
7.3. Whatever the reason, the terms of this Agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable. It does not affect the validity of the remaining terms and is legally binding on you and Vieka.
7.4. This Agreement may exist in many languages such as Chinese and English. If there is a conflict between language versions, the English version shall prevail.
7.5. If you have any comments or suggestions on any of the terms of this agreement, please feel free to contact our DPO at

Last updated: March 30, 2021